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Seven Great Venues

Basil brings you 7 great venues catering for everyone from quiet drinkers to party club goers.Click on pic for Basil's personal website


The Flamingo

Funny Girls Frontage


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Having been a blue coat at Pontins Basil decided in 1980 he wanted to open a gay club in Blackpool the town he was born and raised in .Never in his wildest dreams did he think that the Blackpool gay scene would grow in to what it is today .It now rivals anything in the cities and any other seaside resort.Its fantastic that after all these years he still gets a buzz when he is in the venues. He think it is this excitement that keeps him going after all this time and the beauty of Blackpool is the variety of people that come here. How amazing that in 1980 there was only two gay venues,Lucys Bar and the newly opened Flamingo,Now Blackpool has so many clubs ,bars and gay hotels it really has evolved into a great gay village. Basil is so proud to be part of it and he thinks Blackpool’s scene will go from strength to strength. The gay pride that Blackpool are holding this year is the second one for the town .The success of last years can only make this years twice as busy. This could not have happened in the early Eighty’s and it shows how much times have changed since then. He thinks we have all created such safe and peaceful places that all walks of life love to visit them and that is down to us all. He wishes everyone a brilliant pride weekend and long live Blackpool’s gay scene even when he is on a Zimmer frame!

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..........Seven venues to choose from for a great night out